May 27, 2002
So, its been a day.

So, its been a day.

Thank the gods for the long weekend -- otherwise we never would've gotten anything done, I'm sure. As it is, its 9:30 at night and the laundry never got finished. But I'm trying to somehow watch (badly) subtitled anime and do this first blog entry at the same time. Saint Seiya -- the Hong Kong edition. We can't watch this while the kidlet's awake -- its far too violent for her. Although at least she can't read the subtitles. Hells, half the time *we* can't read the subtitles. English that was translated from the Japanese by people who speak Chinese -- sometimes we sit there, staring at the screen and laughing.

I'm rambling.

But then, that's the point of something like this, isn't it? A lot of rambling, some few insightful comments. I suppose, then, we'll see how it goes.

Dani and I baked brownies today. Cookies yesterday. She brought home Cookie Monster's favorite cookie recipe (sugar cookies) so we made a double batch and split it into four parts, then colored each part a different color. Then we made logs of cookies, and froze most of them, but we baked the ones that looked like fuschia and pink flowers with green centers yesterday. They came out pretty well, as did the brownies today. Dani really loves baking.

Its hard, sometimes, walking the line between wanting desperately to teach her everything, and having the patience to deal with the mess and mistakes. And she is so independant sometimes that she won't let me do the messy parts, like finishing up the stirring. She gets offended. But she's still too little to do everything at only four years old.

Yeah, being a parent is hard. I thought one was hard, and two's even harder. So there's a question for another day -- in the scheme of mother, housewife, and manager -- where is Deb in this reflection?

Posted by Deb Atwood at May 27, 2002 10:31 PM
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