May 28, 2002
Roleplaying... a slipside trip into

Roleplaying... a slipside trip into the world of fantasy, for just a little while. Its a bit like a game, and a bit like a novel, and a bit like playacting (do you remember "Let's Pretend" from when you were a child?). Its one of those things that keeps me sane... perhaps by acting a little insane.

Once upon a time, in a single life, a college life, I spent a lot more time playing games. I remember when Shawn ran the first Amber DRGP that I ever played in -- I generated something like 600 or 800 pages of diary for that game before it ended... and I wasn't caught up to where the game was *when* it ended. I had tapes left to transcribe that I just couldn't get to because real life interfered.

Real Life. RL. Ugh.

Its always interfering into the fantasy, isn't it? I mean, you get a perfectly good fantasy going, and you start really enjoying this other life in this other world and then WHAM -- Real Life is there saying, "Hey, remember, you've got a job and you need money to keep that roof over your head and food in your kids' mouths."


Kinda destroys the moment in a major way.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't roleplay. Fantasy, as long as it isn't made into reality, is a very valid way of "escaping" for even just one moment from the things that drive us nuts. I mean, who doesn't daydream? Just kick back in the chair, staring off into space for a few minutes, thinking about something else entirely? And isn't that a form of roleplaying -- putting yourself into a different situation than the one you are really in?

So what if it doesn't involved a chainmail bikini and a sword. Its still roleplay.

Me, I get to do "real" roleplaying once a month right now. Face to Face in Julia Frizzell's campaign "Which Endureth Forever". In the last seven years, Adrienne has become a real voice in my head. I've been through a lot of other face to face games in that time, but Julia's game has endured.

The only other gaming I really get to do is PBEM (play by email). I could really go on and on here, and probably will another time. I run two games (used to be three). I play in a lot more. But its a good way to indulge in the fantasy. I can spend five-ten minutes on a post, and then go on with reality. Sometimes its difficult to *get* those five minutes, what with life intruding. But I do my best to get it.

Cuz like I said... it keeps me sane. And sanity is supposed to be a good thing. I guess.

Posted by Deb Atwood at May 28, 2002 09:49 PM
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