May 29, 2002
Blogging is addictive. I suppose

Blogging is addictive.

I suppose I should have expected that. I first heard about them from Neil Gaiman's book from Boskone this past February. Then again from DJ and Fiona at ACUS talking about the Lord of the Rings thing (which displays my ignorance that I can quote it, but can neither name it nor link to it!). And then again at TBR, over and over again from too many people to count.

So I finally decided to check out the concept. After all, its writing. And I need to do more of that. I can't possibly call myself a writer if I'm not writing regularly, be it fiction or non, just to keep my little brain cells in shape.

Aerobics of the mind.

But I didn't really expect just *how* addictive it would be. I mean, I was disappointed to learn today that I cannot blog from my Blackberry. *pouts*

But I'm really glad I found this. I'm using this as creative impetus to not only redesign my website, and the layout of same, but to also add material and get to work on writing a little something every day. Both here and A Twisted Weave, which is an ongoing fiction story serialized daily. I tried to write it back in fall of 2000 but got all bogged down in the mechanics of getting it updated every day. When I realized I was spending more time trying to figure out how to automate it (I was annoyed -- the world could do comics, but not fiction? why NOT?) than writing it, I knew it was over. But now I'm starting it up again, and its going well so far, and I'm really really jazzed to keep it up.

So I was walking today with Josh and I did point out the hardest part -- I have to remember the audience here. After all, anyone could be reading this. It could be someone I work with. Someone I see at conventions. Someday even one of my kids or their friends. What I say here is for public consumption.

The extrovert part of me is jumping up and down screaming "COOL!!"

The introvert is cowering and wondering "What have I done??"

Can you tell I walk the line somewhere between them, vacillating from moment to moment in my personality?

Either way, this is cool. Really cool. I've written fiction tonight. I've laid out more of my website, and conceptualized more of how it will continue to grow. I'm planning to invite friends into a team blog for creative writing exercises, or a group story, or something -- we'll figure it out. But most importantly, I've been creative. Which is so fantastic. Its allowing me to reclaim pieces of me which have been slowly slipping away over the years as I've worked my way into adulthood.

Which is just plain good.

Posted by Deb Atwood at May 29, 2002 09:22 PM
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