May 30, 2002
The one problem with a

The one problem with a blog is the public access... I was all set to do a rant about something from work and then realized... I can't, can I? Just in case, I can't. *heavy sighs* I'll get used to it, I guess.

On the cool side, got an email from Paul today, cuz he'd read my blog. I guess that means its time for me to go hunting around and see who else of my friends are blogging. In a lot of ways, its everything I like about the web -- a way of seeing inside someone's head, seeing how they think, and getting to know them better.

But where are there indices of blogs? I've found one -- I wasn't thrilled with it. I know there must be thousands of people using Blogger, but I couldn't search the index of titles. *pouts* I'd love to be able to post somewhere a basic profile of myself, of my blogs, and of my site. And have people be able to look me up while I can look them up. At this point, I'm reduced to still checking through Google. And my friends' sites. Which gets me somewhere, but not everywhere.

I look at that sentence and then realize there's something wrong with that -- the implication that I could happily spend the day surfing. If I took a year off from work, Kevin thinks I'd spend it online. Which, in a way, is true. I'd write. And I'd spend some of it on the internet, at first, just because I could. Because I so would love to be able to spend time doing something which relaxes me.

But oh gods, imagine having all that time to write? There are times when the synapses are firing just incredibly much, not doing anything coherent because its like I can't grab onto it anymore. But it leaves me desperate for something creative to do. I've got little scribbles, ideas for books, stories, and games. But its so hard to settle down and actually *write*. So hard.

I'm considering doing some outlines, posting bits and pieces of novel ideas and such as a part of this blog. Its too soon, really, for there to be a lot of people reading this, tho, I suppose. But if you think that'd be a good idea, email me and let me know. It'd be a weird mix of fiction types -- erotica (well, without the naughty bits since this is a family net *grins*), romance, sf, fantasy, horror, slipstream, and all kinds of things. But well, lmk.

Time for more badly translated Saint Seiya now. *grins* We're about to start the third disk out of um, 14? Yups, we've got a long way to go. We're managing to get through about a disk a week if we can actually keep up the speed we're going at now. I'm glad we got it though -- its good stuff.

Catcha later.

Posted by Deb Atwood at May 30, 2002 08:41 PM
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