May 30, 2002
I'm sitting here watching Saint

I'm sitting here watching Saint Seiya, and the fists are flying, and the fighting, and the blood everywhere... and I look over at Kevin and ask "Is this my type of anime at all, really?"

And we both laugh and agree that no, it really isn't. He likes mecha and fighting -- I like character oriented angsty stories. Or humor. Like I love Ranma 1/2. I absolutely love Revolutionary Girl Utena. But there are some that Kevin and I agree on, and somehow Saint Seiya is one of them. But a part of me keeps wondering why.

Kevin says its because it has fond memories. Which almost makes me laugh.

Fond memories? I was dating Gene when I first saw Seiya. We had just met Big Steve for the first time, and saw some at Genericon. And Big Steve gave me copies of the TV episodes -- first 16 or 24 or some such. Then I watched more with Gene's friend Brad, who spoke Japanese (not to mention Chinese if I'm remembering correctly). But I wouldn't call those times "fond memories". There's a lot of difficult stuff all wrapped up in there, too.

No, its not that Seiya is a fond memory. I'm still enjoying it today.

Maybe it just means that occasionally there's a piece of me that doesn't mind the blood and violence. Hm. Food for thought.

Posted by Deb Atwood at May 30, 2002 09:21 PM
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