May 31, 2002
Tonight marked a change in

Tonight marked a change in Dani's 4 year old little life. She went on rides.

We've been to Great Escape when she was two, and little carnivals, and Jeepers, and we could never get her on the rides. She likes the little train, but only if it doesn't go very fast. And even Rachel was unable to coax her onto things at either Great Escape or Jeepers.

But tonight when we arrived at Juliet's birthday party at Jeepers, she was running around with Saffron and Saffron wanted to go on rides. And this one ride -- Yak Attack -- was just sitting there, not going or anything. Dani looked at it, then followed Saffron in to sit in the seat with her. I think it only worked because she didn't see it in action first. The ride goes around and around fast, then goes backwards, just as fast. Dani loved it -- she went on it once with Saffron, and once sandwiched in between Robbie and Rachel, and then again with Rachel -- the girls didn't even get out of the car when Robbie left!

Then after her first time on Yak Attack, Saffron wanted to go on the little dragon rollercoaster. Dani went right along with her, just riding on the excitement high. She sort of liked it, and was sort of terrified by it. The part she *looked* most scared by was the big dip -- she just clung on and made a funny little grimacy face. The part she was always laughing after was when it went through a little dark part, but afterwards she said that was the scary part. But she said it was fun and scary and fast, and that yeah, she might do it again. Might.

Still, she went on rides. Even the banana ride which is like a Dumbo ride that goes up and down. And she had a great time at the party overall. So maybe Kevin has a hope of someday getting to go on rollercoasters with her.

He needs someone in this family to like them, because I sure as hell don't. *smiles*

Posted by Deb Atwood at May 31, 2002 11:06 PM
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