June 01, 2002
Tonight, while talking to Josh

Tonight, while talking to Josh & Liz, I had to think aloud that blogs make conversation kinda obsolete.

Y'see, I talk about my blogs with Josh (hells, I've already referenced our walks at work, haven't I?). And Liz is now reading it. And since I live with Kevin one would think that *he* knows what's going on in my and our children's lives. So there we are, and among the conversation is things like Liz asking Dani about the rides at Jeepers cuz she'd seen it in the blog...

Although no worries -- there's no way I could write everything down, so we all still had plenty to talk about. Plus, Dani and Ryan were providing a floor show.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. That's probably because I'm exhausted. Yes, its only 11:15 and I'm so passing out. My eyes are heavy, and if my back and shoulder didn't hurt so bloody much, I'd definitely be asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow in a little bit. Probably still will be, in fact.

Had trouble getting to sleep last night, because I was so... agitated... about everything going on in life just now. Then when I finally *did* fall asleep, I woke up two hours later and had trouble getting *back* to sleep. Before I could manage to doze off after an hour or so, Dani was awake and climbing the stairs complaining that it was "too dark to sleep." I gave her a choice of who would walk her back to bed. She chose Daddy, and so Kevin went downstairs and I finally managed to sleep again. Until Ryan started fidgeting and kicked the scary Pooh toy which started singing loudly in his crib. Eep! I got a little more doze time and then had to get up to feed him. After Kevin got up, I went back to bed for another hour and a half or so. But since all my sleep last night was in itty bitty chunks, well, not much of it was *worth* much for what sleeping is good for.

So tonight I'm tired and achy. Y'see, that's one thing I've learned over the last four years. A part of having fibromyalgia is a sleep disorder, and when I *don't* sleep well, the pain gets worse. Making it really a self-perpetuating cycle. I'm trying to do it without sleepy meds this time, using the guaifenisen to damp the pain down and back it out. If I make it through three months of treatment and am still miserabl, I'm starting in on the sleep meds again. It means I'm half asleep before Dani is, but well, at least I can function during the day again.

The low point of the day was the sudden realization that even though I mailed everything on time, I still haven't received anything for my driver's license. Eek! So I've got to call them on Monday in a panic and wonder what the hell is going on. Although I haven't checked today's mail. Either way, we're talking about two weeks late here, which is a bad thing. And it meant I couldn't get cash today, which was just plain old annoying. I hate not being able to get my hands on my allowance. *pouts* Not like its *much* but buying gas for the car is a *nice* thing. *smiles*

The high point of the day was, well, most of the day. *grins* The whole family trooped over to visit with Josh & Liz today. We had a good afternoon, just hanging out and visiting. Josh and I walked outside and I took a good look at the wild garden that is their back yard. Its got so many cool things in it just waiting to be found and discovered. And Dani played with Liz and had a fantastic time. And we talked music and shared music which is *always* a cool thing. I have to do some new mixes now that I think I have access to all the songs I want to put on them. And I definitely have to finish up the Adrienne soundtrack before the next WEF session. I think it will be my first mixed CD if I can get the levels right. Not being able to do levels properly on a CD mix is what has kept me with doing tapes until now!

I have now had the best sushi experience of my life. *happy little sighs* Josh & Liz brought us to Sushi Na, a little hole in the wall in Clifton Park. Its got about 7 seats at the sushi bar, and 2 tables for 4 people, and 2 tables for 2 people. And that's it. Its *small*. So we had one of the tables for 4, and an extra chair at the end for Dani, and then Ryan's car seat on the floor.

And then the fun began...

First, let me say the staff there are just so amazingly NICE. I wanna go back. Tomorrow. *sighs* I just wish it were possible! But the staff wanted to make Dani happy and kept trying to bring her things. And my little girl, being a four year old, was stubbornly insisting that she didn't want to try anything new. Not the crab sticks. Not the rice with soup over it. Not even the rice (which, with the hint of rice vinegar, "tasted funny" in her terms *heavy sighs*). And all announced in a little girl glass-shattering voice. We assured the staff it wasn't them -- she only eats chicken nuggets and fish sticks and spaghettios. Don't all four year olds eat like that? *groans*

But Ryan was the funniest of the trip. Normally in a restaurant he either naps (its boring) or sits quietly and plays with his toys. Hah! Not tonight by a long shot! He yelled to get out of his chair almost immediately. Then on my lap he started grabbing for anything that *wasn't* a toy. Paper especially. He tried to yank my placemat out from under everything. He *did* get Liz's. He ate all the wrappers from the chopsticks (well, gummed them -- we didn't let him actually *eat* one). He chattered constantly. And he thoroughly entertained the other diners (although I *did* feel badly when he literally threw his hourglas toy at the next table).

We have determined this is NOT a place to take kids. *laughs* Although they were so nice there and none of the other people really seemed to mind. They all seemed to understand, which was good. And Liz was really helpful -- at the end she took Dani and Ryan for a little walk so Kev and I could finish eating.

And oh my gods... it was the most amazing sushi. Oh yum. I didn't want to leave. I just wanted to order more and keep eating. They had a fabulous selection, and it was fabulously made. *happy little sighs* Oh yeah, we've gotta go back. And no, it wasn't just because it was my first non-vegetarian sushi since I got pregnant with Ryan back in March of 2001!!

I added more books to my recommended reading list I'm carrying around in my Blackberry to buy eventually, but I don't remember the exactness of the titles/authors. I'll mention them another time. Right now I'm reading the latest Miles book by Bujold and Perdido Street Station by China Mieville. I'm trying to read all the Hugo award nominee books before voting, since I realized when the ballot came out that Kevin and I had already read three of the six nominees. I won't start babbling about what I've liked and not liked. Suffice to say, I've only got Cosmonaut Keep and Perdido Street Station left to read, as does Kevin. It'll be cool having read all the novels for once. I like this idea -- we have to try this every year, I think.

And this year its a good crop of nominees. Go buy all of them. Then curl up and read. You won't regret it.

And now, I've babbled long enough. No philosophy tonight. I'm lucky to be making it to coherence. *grins* G'night.

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 01, 2002 11:36 PM
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