June 01, 2002
Oh, almost forgot my cool

Oh, almost forgot my cool gaming note of the day!

Last night I made a move in Chaos Theory (run by Michael McGovern) and I was hoping I was coherent. My mind was pretty mixed up, and Damara has done some pretty nuts things in the past when I was incoherent. She's ended up branded as a traitor to Amber, and well, generally loathed by the Amber populace. Most of it was bad decision making and some nasty mistakes on her part. But she is fighting with Amber, and at the end of the reply I received from Michael today, she was being cheered by Amber's army. She is doing well, and raising her own reputation, and it feels so amazing to be playing through this. Damara is one of those characters who has come alive, and who has been so amazingly enjoyable through her trials and tribulations, and now through her rise. Wow. Yeah, this feeling is why I roleplay. Yummy yummy emotions. *happy little sighs* Kudos to the GM for a good game.

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 01, 2002 11:41 PM
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