June 02, 2002
Sometimes being productive around the

Sometimes being productive around the house can really bring a sense of peace. And watching the baby learning new things brings joy. And Dani, being so eager to help... wow. I figure today I should actually be really stressed, because I'm worried about tomorrow and trying to get a lot of things done, and not really getting to do the writing I'd like to do, but honestly... I'm actually kinda happy.

Right now Dani's napping,and Ryan's rolling around on the floor trying to get to things and working on crawling. Hm... if he keeps up what he's doing at this moment, he's going to bring the diaper bag (and box of wipes) over on his head. Maybe I should rescue him.

Heh. Moved the wipes so at least he can't get hurt, placed toys all around him, and the cord on the front of the diaper bag is still the most enteraining thing he sees. Babies!

Dani and I planted most of the last of the garden today, putting in 4 types of heirloom tomato seedlings, two types of heirloom zucchini seedlings, and some mixed types of bell peppers (everything but green). The zucchini's surprised me -- they were already starting to produce flowers while still in the little tiny seedling planters! Wow! I'm hoping this means we might have zucchinis really soon. YUM!! Okay, so I love gardening. The snap peas are doing wonderfully. I lost the seedlings for the beans and heirloom cucumbers a week ago when it snowed (yes, really!) and we had a frost overnight. Came back from TBR and they were all dead. So I planted a few more seeds, and it puts us behind schedule, but at least later this summer we should have some. I'll also buy some cucumber seedlings and plant some normal ones too -- I've got just a little bit of room left.

So all that's left to do in the garden, really, is the herb garden. This is a new part this year -- between the two vegetable gardens. I need to plant all the annuals, and a few more perennials to come up next year as well. I'm rimming the second layer in rosemary, and need to find a way to girdle some thyme so I can put it in without it taking over completely (because it WILL). Need lots of basil, and all different types. Next year I want to grow basil seedlings indoors, but I didn't get that far this year. I need to set up some kind of tray table thingy upstairs for my planting so I can do lots of flats of seedlings.

I did learn one thing this year -- I really like doing my own seedlings. I like the better control over what I get to plant, and I'm really looking forward to taking care of the heirloom vegetables this year, and preserving seeds for next year and beyond. Plus heirloom veggies are SO cool. I'm going to have pink, green, and black tomatoes, round zucchini and black zucchini. Isn't that cool?

The laundry's almost completely done, and its so windy (even if cool) that hanging it outside is getting it dry really quickly, which is nice. I'm being good and folding it right away so for once I might get caught up. Yeah right, but I can hope! Laundry and dishes are like the bane of my existence. Okay, so maybe housework in general. But laundry and dishes are winning as most frustrating with a baby in the house. Between bottles and blorpage, we go through a lot of dishes and clothes!

Yup, there goes the diaper bag over on his head. Now he wants to fit it all in his mouth. I should probably go get the camera. *laughs*

After Dani gets up from her nap we're going to back some cookies. We froze dough last weekend in logs of sugar cookies, and only baked one log then. So today we are going to bake a log we defrosted yesterday. Pink ones, I think they are. I suppose I'll remember when I open the fridge. Its nice, because I cut the cookies and she lays them out on the tray. We worked together to make the logs, although I had to do the food coloring part myself. I didn't want my daughter to be green and pink from head to toe! *laughs*

I wonder if he'll crawl *into* the diaper bag if I let him play with it long enough? Nah... I'll stop him before then. That could actually start to get dangerous.

Kevin's working on the shelves upstairs in the hallway, at the head of the stairs. We need more places to put books. Okay, so we need a LOT more places to put books. When we bought the house, we had a computer room, a family room (which used to be the master bedroom before we moved in), our room, the "blue room" which can't be used for much of anything, and downstairs there was the "eventuality" room (otherwise known as Dani's room now) and the library.

Then we had a second child.

So.. now the library will be Dani's new room, and her old room will be Ryan's room. And Ryan is currently in the nook in the blue room, but that won't last much longer so we have to get cracking on redoing the library. In the meantime, all the books have been put in boxes in a five by five by five cube of paperbacks in the blue room because its really the only place left to put shelves. And the hardcovers, which go mostly in the living room in the built-in shelves around the window, are sort of overflowing in a serious way.

So Kevin is building some shelves at the top of the stairs. He's doing them in a really cool way so that they'll be built-in but also adjustable, so we can use them for hardcovers or paperbacks. I like that. Floor to ceiling so we'll have lots of space. And if the design works, we'll use a similar one to put in shelves in the blue room. Which would make an excellent library except for the fact that its under the eaves so we sorta lose a lot of wall space. *sighs*

I think its time to do a little more baby cuddling, check on a sleeping 4 year old, and then do some site design and gaming. Woohoo! Its been a productive, but oddly relaxing, Sunday. Which is really good. I need it before this week hits. Cuz its gonna be insane.

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