June 02, 2002
So, my camera's broken. Well,

So, my camera's broken. Well, the lens anyway. It was sitting on Kevin's deskchair (which is just a folding metal chair) in the living room. Which wasn't a great place for it to be, but not all that dangerous. Then Dani was vacuuming (gotta love being 4 when to vacuum is actually *exciting*) and Kevin was helping her out by moving things out of the way. He picked up the chair, camera and all... and the chair folded in his hands. The camera tumbled to the floor, and the lens went one way and the camera the other.

At least, since its meant to have the lens changed on the fly, the film's okay. I'm *assuming* the rest of the camera's okay. Nothing broken I can see anyway. But the lens... well, it won't go back on because a part of the fastening part is broken off. *sighs* So the film's trapped in the camera, and the camera can't be tested (and there are these wonderful pics of the kids on this roll, too!). And I can't get a new lens yet -- it'll be a couple of months before I'm caught up from buying the garden stuff and can afford it.

Its frustrating. Moreso because it could've just been moved. But well, there's nothing I can do about it now, right?

I can't sleep. I'm tired. But I can't settle down enough to sleep. Tomorrow's going to be... strange. I've made most of my lunch and set out about half my clothes. The decisions are made anyway. And I'm looking forward to lunch cuz I made this lunch box sorta thing. I took the leftover wild rice, which has a really great texture and nutty flavor, and mixed in the leftover roasted veggies, as well as some fresh veggie salsa we made earlier in the week (peppers, vidalias, tomato). So that became a wild rice salad. Then I laid out strips of rare steak over the top of it in a pretty pattern. We usually eat leftover steak cold anyway, so we don't have to cook it while heating it in the microwave, since we both like it really really rare.

The whole setup looks like a lunchbox type of thing, so I figured I'd make an Asian style salad to go with it, and pull out the chopsticks tomorrow.

Okay, so I've got one thing to look forward to tomorrow. *smiles*

I got a decent amount done on the website tonight, which made me happy. I did some game moves, although I should still do more, definitely. I'll try and crank through a couple of those now. Something to help me wind down a little, although I may yet just go read some of the Bujold. Make sure Ryan's sleeping well, and that Dani's asleep again. She was completely out, then we decide to come upstairs and she wakes up and freaks out. *sighs* We've never done the family bed, but all of a sudden Dani's decided she wants to sleep with us at night, which is just a no go. I can't sleep with her there because she wiggles and I'm worried we'll crush her. Which just makes for me getting no sleep, so I'm all crank, and its a bad scene.

Which is why I should make sure I get sleep tonight. Soon, soon. Hopefully the kids won't be up at 4am!

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 02, 2002 11:21 PM
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