June 04, 2002
At least the gods apologized.

At least the gods apologized.

It was a hell of a day. I was hammered all bloody day by help desk tickets. My own fault, in part. I didn't mind sending Charlie to class while Ethan was on vacation, even though that left me as the only Notes Admin at the office originally. I figured no big, I lose a couple of days to help tickets. I'd survive. But I wasn't expecting quite the proliferation of help tickets we've had. Nor was I expecting the changing of the guard, and the huge impact *that* has had as well.

So I was working furiously all day. Then stayed late and finished up some of the issues once it was quiet and peaceful. Hoping to do the same tomorrow night.

And finally, when I left, I went off to Price Chopper to get the food shopping done. Called Kevin on the way to let him know I was running later than I'd expected, then I called him again after I finally wrote my list up to warn him I wasn't buying diapers. Then with the list done, I set it down on the seat, grabbed my stuff, and climbed out of the van, locked the door and closed it. I walked around to the other side of the van and tried to open the door.


I looked at my hand, noting that I held only my pen and my phone. And there, on the seat of the van, were my keys. Idiot!!

I called Kevin back, and when he answered, I said simply, "I'm you."


"I am standing outside of the car with only a phone in my hands and I am calling you. Can you guess why I'm you?" I asked.

"You locked your keys in the car, didn't you."

Y'see, in the first few years we were together, in fact in the first YEAR we lived together, Kevin locked his keys in the car three times. Twice while parked in the same exact parking spot at the bank in downtown Troy. Most recently, he actually *lost* his keys while golfing last summer, when I was just coming off of bed rest while pregnant.

So yeah, I was him today. Just managed to not realize they weren't in my hands when I closed the door.

By the time Kevin packed the kids in the car and came to rescue me, about 35 minutes had passed, and since I couldn't do the shopping (the money was in the car too), I was pretty fed up. So I decided to scrap the shopping until tomorrow night, and I went to Subway to pick up dinner for Kev and I while he took the kids home again.

And then the gods said sorry. Yeah, its silly, but getting enough little Subway stamps to fill up both of my partially filled cards, thus resulting in two really cheap lunches at work some day, was a nice little apology. Hey, at least *something* went right today!

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 04, 2002 09:56 PM
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