June 05, 2002
So I'm practicing unsafe blogging

So I'm practicing unsafe blogging tonight. *laughs* There was a serious line of thunderstorms which just ripped through this area. I think they are mostly past, although I will still very much turn off the computer for the night once I am done. But there are still rumblings. Which is why the laptop isn't on, and why A Twisted Weave isn't getting updated tonight.

Its hot as hell up here tonight. We still need to put all the air conditioners in, although the new one we bought from Jamie is already in the bedroom. So we should at least be able to sleep tonight. The rain has come down just rain now, and is no longer sounding like its trying desperately to beat its way in through the walls and slip into the house. Thank the gods.

Ryan has been fussy today. Actually, he's been fussy, on and off, for a week or so now. Teeth? Growing? Who knows... most of the time he's an utterly happy boy, so we know there isn't anything major going on. But he's been having a tough time sleeping lately. It could also be the heat, I guess.

Of course, his tough time sleeping, and my own personal sleep habits, mean that I'm operating on an average of 4 hours of sleep a night, split into two too small shifts. *groans* Yes, yes, I could try to go to bed earlier, but that isn't going to happen. Because while I could go lay in my bed, I'd be bored out of my skull and all wound up. At least this way I get to decompress and get sleepy.

Yes, I'm serious. No matter how exhausted I am during the day, and no matter how much trouble I have (literally!) staying upright during the day, sometime around 10pm a switch is thrown in my brain and whee! I am AWAKE. Its lasts until at least 11pm. So yeah, since I know I'm burnt out, I'll try to get to bed soon.

I think I've managed to stop panicking over the thunderstorms.

Actually, it isn't the storms themselves -- its the tornado watches and warnings that go along with them. Eek! I came as close as I wanted to to a tornado four years ago and have no desire to get any closer. That was scary enough, and no, I wasn't close enough to see it.

But as Ryan settles down, and as my headache from the shift in pressure intensifies, I begin to think about sleep, and start realizing that my typing is filled with typos. So I suspect that it is time for bed. Soon, anyway.

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 05, 2002 11:03 PM
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