June 07, 2002
Its very strange how blogger

Its very strange how blogger works sometimes, and also frustrating. Twice now I've done a post to my diet blog and twice its disappeared as if it never existed. *grumbles* Both times I've had to rewrite it. Its really really annoying.

On the cool side of thing, Ryan continues working towards crawling. He's pretty good at backwards, although it still ticks him off to see things getting further away from him instead of closer. He can go forward, but its harder, and he doesn't believe it, so he won't do it when we're watching. But I walked back into the living room at one point to see him diving forward to get the cables for my laptop (he LOVES cables *sighs*). So he can do it. He just doesn't do it all the time yet. Soon, though, he'll be utterly unstoppable, I think. Time to get the baby gates back out!

Dani went swimming today after school, with Kevin. She had a great time. She really loves the water, although I think she's more of a self-made fish than a natural fish. She still doesn't like to put her face in the water. And soon gymnastics lessons start. She's REALLY looking forward to that. Although I should probably remember to call and confirm that she and Rachel are all set in their class!

I'll be starting a new team blog soon. Well, actually, its started, and planned, but hasn't been linked in yet. The name is Gestalt, and its a collective writing exercise. I'm really looking forward to it. Between that and gaming and ATW, I'm hoping to get some of my creativity back. And I'm really looking forward to playing with writing with other people. Sort of like a controlled V-Party from the old days of the Vampyres mailing list.

Since it turns out I have to work all bloody weekend, I probably won't be babbling as much. And in fact, I'd better go and get my game moves done for the night and get all settled out so I can be sure I get them done at least once in the next 24 hours. I'll want to grab game time as much as humanly possible, I'm sure, because I'll need the break. But I've got to be ready for our first really big meetnig with the new CTO on Monday, and I've got a way to go, despite that I was working on prepping things all afternoon, and parts of the previous days, when I could escape from help tickets. I still really wish we could hire a "junior grunt" - someone who could do both junior admin and junior development, which would mean help tickets, id creation, stuff like that. It'd certainly save some of us a lot of time if we didn't have to spend all that time on tickets! *wry smile*

Okay, babbling now. Which *is* the point, but I think I'd better take myself off to do other things. Later!

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 07, 2002 09:25 PM
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