June 08, 2002
Argh! And already the day

Argh! And already the day begins not as planned. *grumble* Last night, on my desktop computer, I downloaded an email message with Klez. Now, this actually shouldn't have been a big deal that I was sent it. Everything had worked beautifully in the past. Y'see, I downloaded mail to my laptop and deleted from the server. BUt now, I'm not deleting it from the server so I can keep logs on multiple places and use my BlackBerry effectively. So I only delete what I don't want kept on the server. So it stayed out there, instead of being downloaded to my laptop and KILLED in transit.

So it was a surprise when it downloaded to my desktop. And stupid me saw an email I didn't remember reviewing yesterday prior to that, so I clicked on it. And of course, there was nothing there. Then I panicked and shut down for the night to deal with it when I was awake in the morning.

So this morning I've gotten McAffee installed and am transferring to Eudora which I know McAffee hooks directly into (and its already killed two emails with Klez in them!). What fun, what fun. But hopefully it won't take me all THAT long to get resetup.

Oh, the quote from yesterday that I loved from Microsoft.

"Critical Update Notification will no longer offer critical updates."

There is a reason behind this, of course -- they've replaced the program with one with a new name. But that statement was just laughable!!

I need to go catch a shower. And get ready for the day. And get things DONE. Eep!

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 08, 2002 08:47 AM
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