June 12, 2002
Ryan is sitting in front

Ryan is sitting in front of his car seat, working hard on dismantling it. He has the pad half off of it, and is now concentrating on tipping it over (nope, just put it back the way its supposed to be) and pulling on and inspecting the seatbelt.

Its awfully cute.

Dani insisted she was tired -- too tired for a book after I'd read one more page of Harry Potter. But now she is resisting falling asleep and keeps calling us back in for more cuddles.

Ryan seems to have completed dismantling the car seat (the pad is hanging on, barely, because the seat belt keeps it attached) and is moving on to the diaper bag. Seems like songbird-boy is also the engineer. *chuckles* Does that mean he'll end up building sets for the high school musical productions, and dating the lead? *laughs*

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 12, 2002 08:47 PM
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