June 14, 2002
Ryan's Standing (With Help)

Ryan is now not only crawling, but also pulling himself up to a standing position and trying to use solid objects to pull himself along. Yes, this means he wants to walk. Which is sorta funny, because big as he is, he still looks kinda like a giant doll wavering around on two legs.

He reminds me vividly of his sister, who also walked young, and she looked just so tiny as she raced around the house. Its weird when they walk while they are still so small. They go *under* things instead of around. We used to have a very low island in the kitchen, and Dani could go under the leaves when they were up. And then when she got tall enough to bump into them, she just didn't think of them being there, so she got a lot of bumps on the head.

Tomorrow afternoon we hit the road to Massachusetts, to go visiting. I'm both looking forward to it, and dreading not being able to just curl up. Yes, the extrovert and introvert are having a noisy war in my head again. Really, you should hear it. Its LOUD. And somewhat annoying.

The piece of me that adores my friends is just dying to go and see everyone and just hang out. Show off my darling kids (yes, I'm SUCH a mom sometimes). See my mom afterwards. And well, just be social.

The part of me that's been through hell the past couple of weeks just wants to curl up with my computer and have a weekend of doing what I want, mixed in with what I need to do (like weeding the garden, the laundry, etc). Bake some cookies for Dani's graduation next Friday. Lotsa little decompression things that usually involve quiet and well, being on my own.

Somehow these two pieces just don't make a very coherent single person, do they?

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 14, 2002 10:00 PM
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