June 14, 2002
Just Another Reflection

I've updated the Voices. After going through all kinds of fiction, and getting all reflective, I've decided to start posting some old pieces of fiction here. Mostly things that have been on the net before in some form or another. Anything to keep this site being built, slowly but surely, and to give me a place to wax philosophical. Or wane. Or whine. *laughs* Okay, so maybe more of that last than I should be. I've been wistful lately, kind of missing pieces of me that have dropped by the wayside.

Yeah, I know, life doesn't run backwards, nor does it run in place. We are always marching onwards. And I wouldn't give up any of the things that have happened to me over the last several years.

But sometimes I reach back and touch those memories gently, rearranging them inside of my head and holding them tightly for just a moment. Remembering when Chris lived in our apartment, and how he moved in the day before Kevin and I got married. Remembering the Lady visiting... and when Josh and I visited the Lady. Remembering the simple ease we all had with each other -- being able to curl up on the couch together in complete comfort. Lines in the story that reflected the reality of life...

When did we all grow up, and grow boundaries? It changed over the years, and that part of me which adores Anita Blake's shapeshifters because I *understand* how they need that touch, that closeness, in order to live... that part of me craves the things that have gone in the past and are now... well... gone.

I haven't slept enough of late, and I'm being perhaps more honest than I should be. But I'll let it lie, and let you read it. After all, it is simply another piece of me, of who I am. And was.

Look into a mirror and see her staring back at you. See the me that was, and the me that still is in many ways there. Just another reflection.

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 14, 2002 11:14 PM
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