June 24, 2002
Summertime Laundry

I hate doing laundry. And in the summertime, the reasons subtley shift.

There are good points about laundry in the summertime. Like, if I'm ever home on a weekend, at a time when Kevin doesn't need to mow the lawn, and its not supposed to rain, I can hang stuff outside. Admittedly, our laundry tree needs replacing (Kevin's promised me a new clothesline that actually runs from the back door to the shed -- whee!). And the days without rain sometimes seem few and far between.

And its easier to go longer before having to do laundry because sweaters and jeans are replaced by t-shirts and shorts. SO much easier to wash! So many fewer loads each week!

But then there are the stains... grass stains, paint stains, dirt stains. With the advent of nice weather, I go through a stain stick, or TWO, each week! And as our son becomes mobile, and eats solid food, the stains increase again.

So as I sit there, stainsticking away, I find myself thinking about the laundry. Its like the zen of laundry. How many times will a particular item take to be clean, even with judicious applications of stain stick, hot water, and color safe bleach?

Its laundry. Its mundane. But its one of those really scary times that my mind starts working overtime.

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 24, 2002 01:04 AM

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