June 25, 2002
Diabetic Kitty News

Jenn reminded me that I never got back to my blog yesterday for an update... I think that would be the fault of a lack-of-sleep fogged brain on my part. *smiles*

Athena's doing great now (as I suddenly remember I'm supposed to call Dr. K. at Capitaland Animal Hospital and discuss Athena's new insulin regime so I'm dialing the phone and typing at the same time).

The night was awful. Almost more from me not being really up to an all-nighter, tho, I think. I stayed up until about 2:30, and then I went upstairs for a snooze since she was doing okay. I woke up at 3:30 (I'd told my mental alarm 4am but it went off early) and checked on Athena and her food levels. She had food and water, and was okay, so I went back to snooze again about 4ish.

When the alarm went off about 5:30 or so, Kevin went downstairs and told me that she'd thrown up again. I quickly went downstairs, put out more food and water, and brought Athena to the food. She must've started dropping again a bit and ate up everything I'd left out at 3:30. So she ate up another half can of food and felt much better. Then I got myself all put together and packed up 'Thenie and headed off to the vet to meet them at the door as they opened.

Before I left I called my (new) boss and explained that I was having a cat diabetic emergency and would try to be in by noonish. I sent out emails and got all that under control, and had my BlackBerry and cell phone on me so that people could get ahold of me.

But the minute I got on the road I realized something very important. I shouldn't be driving. No way, no how. I was WAY too tired after only two really short sleep shifts and probably no REM sleep at all.

There wasn't really anything I could do about it, though, so I continued on my way and made it to Capitaland. They took Athena and checked her in, and I gave them all the details I could about what had happened and all.

And then I went home and passed out.

I put both my cell phone and my home phone on the headboard of the bed, and was out in under 30 seconds, I think. I woke up when the cell phone rang, and I talked to Dr. K. for a little bit about how Athena was doing. She was fine and eating, and starting to return to her "feisty little self". They were going to keep her all day and monitor her, and take her blood to do a blood glucose around 6pm, so I should pick her up after that.

I didn't wake up until close to noon. At which point I realized that while I might be *safe* driving now, there was no point in doing so because it would just be a waste of time and I'd get more done if I worked from home. So I did.

Me and both kids picked up Athena in the evening. And there was a sideshow, as I had the cat in the cardboard carrier, Dani singing and dancing and not listening to "indoor voice" reminders, and then Ryan crying because he wanted out of the car seat and down to play with the doggies. And Athena was PISSED and kept hissing at everyone who came near her carrier.

The minute she got home she jumped out and ate another half can of the A/D. Drank more water. Ran away and ignored me for a while, as of course, I am to blame for all of this, especially two visits to the vet in the course of 24 hours -- she was NOT happy with me over this.

Dr. K. called while we were out hanging laundry last evening, so I got the information from the message machine. We are starting Athena out at 3 units of insulin (she was getting 8) and are going to slowly creep back up. I just spoke with her on the phone, too. I am supposed to watch for the clinical signs -- eating ravenously, drinking/peeing excessively. If after a few days on one insulin dose these signs continue, up the dose by 1 unit and repeat until we're settling out near her dosage of 8. I figure I'll bring her in for a blood glucose in a couple of weeks, once she's up to a decent dosage again.

Part of the problem is that she doesn't eat the same when her sugar is normal as when her sugars are high. Athena is a picker. She likes to nibble a little bit of wet food, then walk away and come back and have dry food throughout the day. Although right now, she doesn't seem to be all that thrilled with either the w/d dry or wet food. She's feeling better, so she's getting picky. *groans*

So we have to play with her food over the next several days, too. Baby food (turkey, liver, chicken, etc in water) is one suggestion, so I might try that if she continues to turn up her nose at the w/d. The big important thing is to make sure that she eats *something* when the insulin is administered, so this doesn't happen again.

Cats are notoriously difficult to regulate. This scared the bejeesus out of me -- Athena's my first baby... I've had her since Gene gave her to me my sophomore year of college. I still need to upload those baby pics. *smiles* Maybe tonight, after Dani's gymnastics lesson.

But anyway, I have to try harder. Because last night she climbed up into bed and curled up behind my legs, kneading the backs of my legs and purring. My little darling demon kitty.

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 25, 2002 01:01 PM
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