June 25, 2002
Dani's First Gymnastics Class

Tonight was Dani's first gymnastics class. We started out by going over to visit Audrey and Rachel for dinner, then we herded the girls into the cars and went over to World Class Gym for the gym kids class.

Dani had a wonderful time! They started out with a little tumbling. They bounced on a platform launch and both feet up onto one side of a foam donut. Then jumped into the middle, then back up onto the other side, then off again. Run along the mat, then climb through the tunnel. Then hop on one foot across another set of mats, and lastly, climb up onto the high end of a triangle and do a somersault down it.

She did forward somersaults and backward somersaults. She played with a ribbon and stretched out. (I wonder when she'll find my own ribbons from when I did rhythmic gymnastics). They did balance beam (Rachel walks backwards on the beam very well). And they ended with the trampoline.

I thought Dani was afraid of the trampoline. She was nervous as she climbed onto it, sticking one toe out cautiously as if she were entering the water and it was too cold. But then she started bouncing.

She was all over that trampoline. Coach Brenda showed her how she wanted her to bounce -- to jump up and do a side split before landing. And Dani did it! She's so petite that she just launches herself into the air. Then she went over to the other trampoline and leapt across that one.

Both girls were really wound up by the end, but definitely raring to go again next week. And me, I'm glad I get some time to spend with Dani on my own, which is something we haven't gotten a lot of since Ryan was born. And it was absolutely wonderful watching the girls as they giggled and laughed and enjoyed themselves.

Posted by Deb Atwood at June 25, 2002 09:52 PM

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