June 30, 2002
What a Weekend

As some people out there know, I've been dreading this weekend. Mostly because I'm short-tempered and its me, alone, with both children, whom I love dearly but who sometimes drive me to distraction because I don't get a break.

It hasn't been too bad. Most of the difficulties I've caused myself, somehow. Like we all went out to get some shopping done, which meant Ryan catnapped, which threw off his schedule horribly yesterday.

There is one thing I'm horribly steamed about. And it has nothing to do with my children. It has to do with my husband. Y'see, I'm not mad at him for going camping this weekend. Jealous, yes, but that's an entirely different story and has to do with him getting to go off with all our friends and I can't go. *pouts*

No, this has to do with the house. Y'see, I figured out why the dishwasher had stopped working again. Periodically our dishwasher decides that instead of cleaning the stuff off the dishes it is simply going to redeposit it around. So if you put stuff through the dishwasher with junk on it, that junk ends up on all the dishes, and the whole mess is made worse, not better.

So that had been happening again. And I was getting frustrated because I was pulling dishes out of the cupboard that were still gross. Which is REALLY annoying. And yeah, Kevin thinks I ought to do dishes more often, but since I'm also doing the laundry and all every bloody night, I think maybe I can get out of doing dishes.

I'm getting distracted and ranting. The point is, since Kevin does the dishes most often, I would think that he would've noticed the dishwasher wasn't behaving. I'd think he'd have started y'know *rinsing* the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, so that the large globs of food get caught in the trap and get thrown out rather than going down the drain. But no... he does nothing, doesn't drano it, and doesn't even MENTION it.

So on Friday night when I go to do the dishes, the sink fills up. Then I realize that its backed up into the bottom of the dishwasher as well. I don't dare run the dishwasher in this state, so I wait until everything drains, then I run the dishwasher and pray that it doesn't overflow. Thankfully, it doesn't.

I do as much as I can of the dishes in slow portions over Friday night, and get the rest into the dishwasher safely stowed out of the way. I'm not going to run it again and tax the pipes further. At this point, drano is needed.

So this is all set by Friday afternoon, and I dump drano down the sink because by now the sink is full of water that is no longer draining.

Does it work? *dry laugh* No way. After an hour or two, the water's gone down maybe a millimeter. By bedtime it had mostly drained. This is NOT good.

I let it go overnight, knowing that the wonderful caustic agent was still in the pipes somewhere. Then in the morning I got up and started running the hot water to rinse it.

And watched in horror as it immediately backed up into the sink.

I was just about ready to cry as I'm standing there, surrounded by the dishes from the night before, knowing the dishwasher is also full and ready to be run, and the sink is still unable to drain. So I dumped more drano down it. And it finally went down after an hour or so. But the sink is STILL backing up.

It seems like no matter what I do, it doesn't help.

I'm considering going out for more drano, but since Ryan's asleep and Dani's going down for quiet time after lunch, that isn't feasible. Besides, the last time it got this bad, Kevin had to undo the pipe downstairs and remove the obstruction there. Lovely thought with all that drano stored up in there, isn't it?

Oh, the best part? Not only is my goal of getting the kitchen all caught up and nice blown, but I can't do laundry! The drain for the laundry meets up with the same pipe in the basement. And the last time this happened we discovered the worst of it when the washing machine couldn't drain and overflowed all over the mudroom. Given the piles of clean laundry there, and my unwillingness to deal with the mess, I'm not about to risk it.

So I feel like my hands are tied. If Ryan continues to nap, I'll at least manage to get some laundry sorted and folded, which will help. But damn it, not having a kitchen sink is REALLY annoying!!

On the other hand, other than natural fussiness and tiredness, the kids have been fun. We went shopping yesterday morning -- to yard sales and the clothing store because Dani needed summer clothes. She was so excited because she got to try on clothes for the first time like a big girl. She got a lot of new outfits, and has insisted on wearing her favorite so Aunty Liz can see it when she and Josh drop Kevin off this afternoon. The outfit, of course, is pink. *smiles*

Last evening was difficult because Dani never napped, and Ryan was REALLY fussy going to sleep. But eventually both went out and slept well. We had gone for ice cream earlier -- my treat to the peanut after we took a nice walk.

This morning has gone well so far, although I'm feeling a little trapped. Dani and I did some weeding once Ryan went down for his morning nap. He's been napping hard and long -- its been 2 1/2 hours so far. Whoops! Dani just came and told me that he's awake. So I'll need to get him after I get her lunch on the table.

Dani's been playing with Barbies a lot. She got a new barbie doll house for $1 at a yard sale -- it was the best find for her. She's utterly delighted with it. Although right now she's feeding Katie the Baby.

Off to go back to being mommy after this little break...

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