July 03, 2002
Tivo's Coming Home

Woohoo! Our Tivo has been repaired and we can pick it up tomorrow. That's the good part.

The bad part? I'm going in already pissed off, because they've HAD it back and didn't bother to call us. They'd originally told us a week or two, and its been three now. So they may well have had it a while, and we've been paying for a service we haven't been able to use. So I suggested that Kevin should have a little talk with them, due to poor customer service. Especially since they're reaction was simply, "Oh, yeah, its been back. Sorry, we uh, didn't call you."

Now, I have to admit. I love my Tivo. Um, *our* Tivo. *laughs* I wasn't so sure I wanted one originally. Then I got pregnant with Ryan, and I knew I had to have one. Because we never got to see the beginning of any show without some huge fight. And TV was managing to interfere with our home life, and with our children. Which was just *wrong*.

So we got our Tivo finally this past spring. And it was WONDERFUL. All of a sudden we could put Dani to bed, get everyone all cuddled, and not miss a thing. Admittedly, I don't think we watched a single show when we were supposed to after that, but hey, it worked for us. Yeah, I sound like an advertisement. But I have to love a product that lets us still enjoy the things we like, but also helps us be better parents.

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