July 03, 2002
Looking for Laurie

Y'know the habit of ego-surfing? Googling for yourself? Well, I rarely do it anymore, simply because a LOT of the hits for "Deb Atwood" are really me, doing various things (I am surprisingly well-linked -- eek!). And "Deb Allen" is too common.

So I surfed the other day for Laurie. "Laurie Cuthbert" to be exact -- his full name.

Now, for me, this name is a vampire character I *made up*. I used the name Lawrence because of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, where Jo's friend was nicknamed Laurie. The image in my mind of a tall slender blond vampire, with a long ponytail drawn back from his face, no hair on his chest, a little lanky... that was Laurie. And Cuthbert just sounded appropriately British.

So I plugged "Laurie Cuthbert" into Google and was surprised that I got back results. Not just a few, like pointers to old references to "A Moment in Time" but lots of *real* results.

Apparently there is a real Laurie, a well-traveled and well-published Professor of Electrical Engineering in London! And yes, its a "he"! When I found the name "Laurie" I was expecting a girl, not an actual Lawrence.

How weird. I might've expected a Lawrence, who used Lawrence, but not one who actually used the nickname, although I guess its just more common in Britain than I'd even supposed (which make the choice of name I made seem even more appropriate!).

Anyway, I wanted to share the fun. *grins* The real Laurie was so well published it eclipsed any other real references to the unreal one, or any others!

I *did* decide to go looking for "Deb Atwood" as well, and was surprised to find that although my own site came up first, the second reference or so was to another Deb who is a writer. Scary! I always intended to publish under my maiden name, and have, but there's another one out there, and she is writing *utterly* different stuff! Could be very strange, someday!

Posted by Deb Atwood at July 03, 2002 09:59 PM
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