July 08, 2002
Death of the Machine

The laptop is dead. Again.

I saw it coming. I mean, it was definitely on its way out as of the 4th of July. It died four times that day, and then three more times at least over the weekend. Today three (or was it four) times. The first it rebooted itself, and blue-screened and babbled about an atapi.dll error. The next time it just hung. Then later, it hung, and then when I rebooted I got unknown system errors, and it finally rebooted and couldn't find the hard drive. So yeah, that would be four times today.

Its off now. Looks like either the controller or hard drive is gone, and I'm guessing its the drive. My goal is to get the replacement drive and rebuild it, trying to hold onto the new one for now, just until I can be sure I've gotten everything off of it. Then it can be wiped and sent to wherever hard drives that are replaced under warranty go.

Although I *still* wanna know if my fan was replaced.

Tomorrow I'll start running with the old hard drive. If that works, it'll tell me for certain whether its the hard drive or the controller. Although I think the controller should've been replaced with the mainboard when it went to the shop a few weeks back.

Argh, this is annoying!! Its gonna really hose my productivity at work, and at home, both. So much for keeping up on either my gaming or my blogging!!

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