July 09, 2002
Bad Timing

The whole getting up just as I'm going to bed thing is getting tiring. Ryan doesn't do it all the time. But a lot. A lot more than I'd like, especially since it was fine when I wasn't working, but now that I'm back its not so hot.

I stay up until 11:30 or 12:00... its just a good bedtime for me. If I go to sleep then, I get 6 hours, which is pretty good. But lately, I just get myself off to sleep, or am just getting ready, and Ryan starts fussing... which then turns into full scale screaming, and he's got to be fed (a full bottle) and rocked back to sleep. Like tonight.

I'd crawled into bed and gotten comfy under the covers. I think I fell asleep, sort of, but I was under the impression I hadn't *really* fully gone out yet. Then he started, and I tried to stay asleep, hoping he'd go back to sleep. No luck. And when I got up it was only 12:30... meaning I'd only been in bed for a half hour. I thought it hadn't been long, but I had also thought it'd been longer than that!

But I also have to admit, even though my eyes were closing as I fed him and channel surfed, that there is still something magical about being in the rocker with my son curled up in my arms, trustingly asleep, cuddled close to me. The bottle slips from his mouth and he lies there, breathing soft little baby breaths, his lips still moving slightly as if he dreams about what he was just eating. So sweet.

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