July 09, 2002
Taps for the Machine

Yes, its dead. The truth is, its dead dead dead. *heavy sighs*

The laptop will boot... sometimes. Then it will hang. "Indeterminate Hard Error". Its the hard drive, but then, I already pretty much knew that. Right now I have my old, minimally configured, hard drive in it, so at least I'm somewhat operational, if feeling more than a little crippled.

Tomorrow we try one more time to extract data from the drive -- pulling a ghost image so we can then restore it to a new hard drive. Then it goes back to the shop, although I'd rather wipe it first if at all possible.

No matter what, this just isn't good. I *think* I got all the important data off of it yesterday. I hope. I know there are a few things I missed, because I was rushing and doing too many things at once. I didn't follow my own rules of being certain to doublecheck my work. At least it affected only me.

But right now, half the time, I want to go curl up and cry. That's what I get for doing so much on the laptop, I suppose. Hopefully I haven't lost any of my writing -- I've lost too much of that already.

I have a feeling it'll be quite a while before this is all settled. *heavy sighs*

Posted by Deb Atwood at July 09, 2002 09:11 PM

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