July 11, 2002
A Long Day

Gods, I'm tired.

Its been a long day. Ryan's still sick, but not as sick as last night. His fever crept up again a bit over the course of the day, but never really broke 100 again. Of course, now we're giving him the right tylenol dose, which helps a lot.

We went to the Dr. and he's been cleared -- no ear infection, no throat infection, no Coxsackie virus. So its just a standard virus that produces a really croupy cough and a nasty little fever there for a while. We've got to let it run its course.

But this meant today was an exhausting washout for me. I worked when I could, but when Ryan was awake he either wanted to cling or to play with me (which means he wouldn't play alone -- he wanted my laptop if I was trying to use it). I've been working every spare minute I can grab, and I'm just tired now. I didn't get enough sleep, and probably won't tonight.

But the mere fact that I'm considering going to bed at just past 10pm kinda shows how bloody tired I am.

The weekend plans have now changed, too. The trip to Readercon has been called off. I'm pretty bummed. I'd been looking forward to seeing Sarah, not to mention other friends. And it was the first year we were actually going to go to the convention. I'd hoped to run into a few people I wanted to ask some stuff about their publications. But... its better for the mental health not to disrupt the family, for Ryan's physical health, and of course, for the budget. Not spending $100 or so on books is a good thing right now, unfortunately. And its not like I don't already have the hugest to-read pile. I just need the time to actually work on *reading* it, huh?

So I'll be here this weekend, probably gardening (my zen relaxation technique) and cleaning and laundry and such. Hopefully some writing, if I can manage it. And almost definitely some catching up on work things if I can escape on my own for quiet time for a while. And hopefully catching up on some sleep!!

Posted by Deb Atwood at July 11, 2002 10:12 PM

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