July 12, 2002
Hell of a Week

Its been a hell of a week. From major Notes issues at work, to simple exhaustion, to Ryan being ill, to rocks hitting my car... its all coming after me, it seems.

The rocks... have I talked about the rocks? Nah, no rocks yet. I was driving down route 150 at about 50 mph... and the nice construction truck was coming the other way, likewise going about 50 mph. And rocks were flying off the truck... two small rocks hit my windshielf at 100 mph, and there are now two small spiderwebs on the windshield of the van. Thankfully we have full glass insurance, so on Wednesday Keivn and I carpool and leave the van home and it'll get all patched up. Which would be why whenever you get car insurance, make sure to get full glass. So when the gods throw rocks (or waterballoons which have been slingshotted off a fraternity) at you, its a lot less painful to get it all fixed.

I'm hoping for a decent weekend. I'd like to do some gardening. I've been using it to relax this summer, and I've got a lot of things I'd like to get done. Now that we're here instead of Massachusetts, I can do things like laundry, relaxing, web site work, writing, and otherwise relax, I hope.

Although there are the disappointments. No Sarah. No seeing Brian and Sandy -- we haven't seen them in a few years, since they moved to Massachusetts. But I talked to Brian for a while tonight. Caught him up on the latest from FAC (Brian's the guy who brought my resume in to FAC in the first place, so I owe him for the job *smile*). Learned all about the stuff he's doing now. One of these days, on another trip down to my parents' place, we'll get together with Brian and Sandy and their kids.

I've decided that tonight is a night off. I really needed one. So I chatted on the phone, and now I'm blogging while watching Kim Possible on my Tivo. I love my Tivo. *grins* And I really like Kim Possible, hence why I've got it on season pass. *big smiles* Its an amusing show on the Disney Channel. Once Dani's asleep I can go upstairs and work a bit more on the other computer. Sleep soon, though. I NEED sleep. Need to catch up on it. Which is like, a major goal for the weekend!

Posted by Deb Atwood at July 12, 2002 10:20 PM
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