July 16, 2002
Monday Mission 2.28

1. Have you ever sold anything through an online auction? What did you sell and did you make very much?
Nope, never. I keep *wanting* to do it, but never get around to actually *doing* it. Like all those ancient Magic cards I've got...

2. Have you ever bought anything through an online auction? How was your experience?
Yes, but only once so far! I bought the Saint Seiya DVDs, which are hysterical from the translations (done from Japanese to English by people who speak Chinese *giggles*). The transaction was fine -- I got what I wanted, it wasn't TOO expensive, really, and it arrived promptly. I then stopped looking at EBay again before I tried to buy MORE things!

3. Do you like the sun? Getting a suntan? Have you ever had a bad sunburn?
Have I ever had a bad sunburn? *dry laughs* Oh gods, yes. I burn like crazy. My skin will crisp up completely at the drop of a hat. When I was a kid I used 15 SPF which was *high* for then, and I could still burn through it. I've burned while wearing fishnet tights (in a parade for baton twirling) which was just annoying. I've burned my shoulders so badly I couldn't raise my arms.

But do I like the sun? As long as I've got good shades on, sure. I don't sunbathe -- that's not my style. And I like a good breeze -- I'm not fond of getting really *hot*. And surprisingly enough, this year I've been taking so many walks and working in my garden so much, that I've got a (Very) faint tan on my arms and even have a white mark for my wedding ring!

4. Are you a vegetarian? Why? If not, have you ever considered it?
Am I? No, I like meat too much. Have I considered it? Yeah, who on a diet doesn't? But my husband would never give up meat. Still, we eat more healthily than we used to, and I've even found some versions of tofu that he will eat. So we are closer than we were, but we certainly aren't completely vegetarian.

5. Suppose you are getting into your car after you've just made your purchase from a store you visit twice a week. You suddenly realize you had a .35 item in your hand and you forgot to pay for it. What would you do next? (what *would* you do, not what *should* you do)
I'd go in and drop off the 35 cents on the counter, then duck out again. I get guilty very easily... which is good for my ethical health, I suppose. I wouldn't make a big deal out of it, but I'd do it.

6. Sometimes it seems that there is just not enough time to do everything that must be done. Was there anything you wanted to accomplish this weekend that didn't get done?
Yeah, finishing putting up the stakes for my garden! My cucumbers are getting out of control and attacking the beans and must be confined!

7. What is your favorite game to play with a group and/or an individual? (board game, computer game, athletic, etc.)
Er, I'm a roleplayer. So that would be it, overall, I'm certain. *smiles* Choose a decent roleplaying game, and I'm happy. If I have to choose something else, I'm really into card games, especially pinochle. Playing partner pinochle is like a big treat for me. There are also a host of board games I enjoy (Eurorails and Iron Dragon top that list, I think).

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