July 16, 2002
Left My Brain Behind

I arrived at work this morning, and swung my backpack onto my back, out of the car. I marveled at how light it felt this morning, but then remembered that I had emptied out all of the writing stuff I'd been carrying around and left it at home finally. So it was my laptop, and my meds, and a few other things still in it.

Then I realized that along with the junk, I'd also set the stuff I'd brought home to work on next to my laptop on the couch. I'd packed the laptop. I'd left my work at home.

So here I am in the office, sitting here without all my notes on what I'm supposed to be accomplishing. *groans* Thankfully I got a good part of it into Notes yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't get *enough* done. *sighs* Its gonna be a long night cuz I'm gonna have to catch up for some of this tonight!

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