July 17, 2002
New Tooth!

Ryan has a tooth!! Just a little one, but it popped all the way through the gum without us noticing it was happening. In fact, it probably happened while he was sick and all croupy and everything. So at least that explains why he's the king of fussy lately.

On the other hand, it might also explain his nausea. Yeah, sick again. He stayed at daycare yesterday, but today after he threw up twice, they had me come get him. Which I totally understand... but... he's only doing it there! He didn't throw up at all last night, or after I got him home today. *sighs* I think its the post-nasal drip, and if he gets himself worked up he gets all gaggy. *sighs again*

But on the good side, he has a tooth! And he's only not quite 8 months old -- a big improvement over Dani getting hers just before her first birthday!

He also had his first french fry tonight, and he absolutely loved it!

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