July 19, 2002
A Change in Plans

Once again, we have a change in plans. This week Dani's sick -- same thing Ryan had last week. So the poor little one has a cough, and is hoarse with a nasty sore throat. We've just tucked her into bed with her sleepytime cough medicine and some tylenol.

But that means that like Readercon, the RenFest isn't happening. *sighs*

We're going to try to arrange it for another weekend, but first we have to *find* a weekend. That part's not easy, but we'll see if we can manage it.

So, since we weren't driving out to Herkimer, we went out to dinner with Josh & Liz. We *finally* went to Ocean Palace -- a local Chinese place I've been wanting to go to for ages. They serve dim sum for lunch, and when we asked, they said we could order for dinner too. Ooh! It was utterly wonderful. It made up for a part of the change in plans. And the kids were so well-behaved. Dani ate a bowl and a half of rice, and Ryan enjoyed fortune cookies as well as his dinner.

Tomorrow, if Dani's feeling okay, we'll do something with Josh & Liz for the afternoon, which'll be really nice. Dani adores Aunty Liz and wants to spend time with them tomorrow, so she's really excited and hoping she feels well enough.

The weekend won't be a bad one, just not the one we planned. Hopefully it'll at least be relaxing.

Posted by Deb Atwood at July 19, 2002 09:21 PM | TrackBack

Your local Renn is in Herkimer? As in the source of those cool quartz crystals they so misleadingly call 'diamonds'? Oh how very cool!

Posted by: Jenn on July 21, 2002 01:34 PM

Actually, the RenFest is in Sterling, which is about 30-45 minutes past Syracuse. We were going to stay with friends in Herkimer cuz it was about halfway there and we wouldn't have as long a drive in the morning. *smiles*

Y'know, I've heard the term Herkimer Diamond but never actually associated it with *Herkimer* before now!

Posted by: D. on July 21, 2002 03:25 PM
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