July 20, 2002
Still a Good Day

Well, it wasn't the RenFest, but it was most definitely still a good day.

We started off slowly in the morning. Well, Ryan woke up at 3am demanding food (I think he's growing -- I *know* the second tooth is coming in), and was up for an hour or so. But then I got to sleep in until 8am. Yay!

So we got up and got moving slowly. We got in touch with Josh & Liz and made tentative plans for bowling. While they did some stuff, we went out and did some work on the garden -- putting up cages for the tomatoes and cucumbers, and feeding the whole thing through the watering system. All good things, that should make for healthier veggies!

And then after lunch we headed up to Josh & Liz's and met up with them, and then went over to bowling with them and Evan & Annette. And that was quite fun! Dani had her own lane, and bowled four strings. We could tell she was getting tired by the end because her score had gone down. Then she took a break and ate french fries while watching the adults finish up their second string. I had started out fantastic (a strike on my first throw), but hadn't broken 100 either game. *sighs* Kevin and Liz on the other hand were amazing. Kev bowled better than I have *ever* seen him bowl, and Liz just beat him by 1 pin on the first game, and tied him on the second.

After that it was back to Josh & Liz's for a while, and hung around, and then out to dinner at the Dragon Buffet. Ryan ate a lot of finger food -- he's trying to get into feeding himself, but still chokes a lot and scares the crap out of me when he does that. We were there for a long time, but it was very enjoyable. We talked about all kind of things, from cooking to work to gardening to kids (we had one of those conversations about child-bearing that I'm sure just thrilled the other diners around us *laughs*).

Then we got to go over to Evan & Annette's for the first time and see their house. Kevin had intended to just stop in for a little bit, but Ryan was sleeping, and then he was having his bottle, and Dani was having such a great time, and we ended up staying for a couple of hours. We actually just got home, tucked both kids straight into bed, and as soon as I wind down, its off to bed myself.

I promised Liz I'd blog something, just for her, and now I can't remember what it was. *sighs*

But yeah, it definitely wasn't the RenFest, but it *was* a much needed enjoyable day with other adults as well as with our kids. It was a *very* good thing.

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