July 22, 2002
PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.29

1. Do you remember your first encounter with computers? Tell me about that.

My first encounters with computers are all sort of jumbled up inside my head. I think it was Julie's TRS-80 that was the first... I think hers came before my own. *thinks* Yes, yes, that was it. I went over to my new best friend's house, when I was in seventh grade, and she had a TRS-80 Model 1. We played the classic Adventure game that afternoon, and she showed me Eliza, and we were in stitches trying to get really silly answers out of that.

You know Eliza, right? The original online psychiatrist. It was a very simple basic program that tried to be a psychiatrist -- basically, it asked questions, and it would say "how do you feel about that?" to your answers. Sometimes the way it would turn a statement into a question was riotous. In those innocent years, it seemed almost like AI.

Then there was the classic Adventure. With two word commands -- "Get Key", "Go North", "Kick Gnome" -- it was about as simple as it could get. But that was the classic, and in part, it became a large part of my eventual introduction to roleplaying when Julie and I began to write our own adventure games and play them without the computer.

2. How late can you stay up and still be functional the next day? Do you do that very often?

About 1am, if I get to sleep consistently until 6 or 7. Much later if I can sleep later. Do I do it often? All too often, probably. I usually don't go to bed until midnight or so. This is probably bad, since I tend to operate on 4-6 hours of sleep a night regularly.

I am all too familiar with the symptoms of sleep deprivation.

3. When was the last really good hug you got from another adult? Who was it and what was the situation?

This sounds like you're looking for more than the last walk-by hug I got from my husband. *smiles* When? Dunno... I honestly, don't know.

4. One thing about children is that they all like to draw. We all shared the same ability and skill level at one time. Do you still like to draw? (Not do you think you draw well, or do others, but do you like to?) If not, how come? Did you get discouraged at some point?

I still love to draw. I doodle when I am sitting places sometimes, but I've actually tried to stop that habit just because I end up with all kinds of doodles in all sorts of strange places like my planner at work.

I used to try to draw, in a rather cartoony style, and sell the artwork at SF cons. I'm not THAT good, though. Which is a pity. There are all these things in my head that I just can't get out!!

5. I way overslept today. I had to head to work with no shower (don't get too close), and I am not in the best of moods. Have you ever overslept on a day you had something important going on? What's the story there?

*laughs* Constantly. I'm not a morning person. At all. In fact, just last week I wasn't to work until almost 9am twice because I managed to either sleep through my alarm or more likely, turn it off in my sleep. I had to cut corners by having Ryan eat at daycare instead of at home. Dani won major points by being a good girl and getting herself ready all by herself those days.

6. Ever go shopping for something you know you can't afford? You look at it and even think about how it will look when you get it home, somehow you justify the cost and believe it can happen? And just before you get to the counter come to your senses? What was the last thing you almost bought, but thought better of it? And why the heck do we do that to ourselves?

I can't even think of a single example of this. It happens all the times. And almost as often I give in to impulse and buy it anyway (I'm a bad influence on people -- don't go shopping with me if you don't want to buy those things you think about but don't think you should).

7. (It begins again...) It's all such a blur now. I'd asked you to help me wake up but the alarm didn't go off. It was 10 till and just I knew I'd be late. Somehow you got me here on time. How did you do that? 

Didn't happen. You're still dreaming.

BONUS: Can't you see, you belong to me?

Somehow this sets off the Liana voices in my head... she who changes the lyrics of "Eternal Flame" from "You belong with me" to "You belong to me" whenever I'm singing it...

Posted by Deb Atwood at July 22, 2002 04:06 PM | TrackBack

hi deb!
i had to laugh when i read your replies to this week's monday mission and was glad that I stumbled upon them....they sound so much like mine, it was funny!

enjoyed visiting your site...will try to visit more often.

monday's almost over!

Posted by: jen on July 22, 2002 05:54 PM

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