July 23, 2002

Okay, after publicly stating that I'm a night-owl, and well-versed in the subject of sleep deprivation, let me add that when I *want* and *need* to sleep... its bad to keep me awake. *groans* I get cranky and nasty and downright bitchy.

This said... tonight Ry went to bed early. He was exhausted and dinner, and although he ate well, he just wanted to sleep, so I gave him his bottle and off he went into lala land.

I just paid for it. I was getting ready for bed at 11:40 or so, and heard him fussing. Well, he'd been doing that since 7:30, on and off, since he went to sleep. So I thought nothing of it.

At midnight it turned into an outright crank. Complete with screaming fit. So I fed him, noted a mild (under 100 in the ear) fever, and cuddled him back to sleep, searched out the tylenol, administered that, and tucked him back into bed.

I figure he's teething. That would fit the symptoms, as well as the little red ridge next to the other little itty bit tooth. *smiles*

So anyway, here it is, fully an hour after I intended to be in bed, and I can barely keep my eyes open. My head aches, and I'm feeling miserable.

*sigh* Staying up late works much better when I'm actually somewhat rested to begin with.

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