July 24, 2002
Nasty Little Bug

Its been a rotten day.

One server blew up on its own, by virtue of Windows Update. A once in a thousand sort of thing, and it had to happen while we're in the middle of a string of bad luck with servers.

One server transition actually went well... except a host of small issues, and Win2K bug for window settings, caught us out and it seemed far worse to the end users.

That all just snowballed into an utterly unpeachy day.

Add in one son ill and home with one husband who thinks he's getting it next. One daughter fully cranked out and shrieking at the end of the night.

And top it all off with being bitten by a nasty little bug.

Yes, a real bug. Not a software bug. Not an illness bug. But a real live bug.

I was sitting on this chair in my dining room, my feet pulled up and my leg against the side of the back of the chair. I felt this tiny pinching, and I moved, looking at the chair for a splinter. Nope, no splinter. I made a confused face and went back to sitting the way I was.

There it was again. A pinching along my leg like something was sticking into it. Frowning, I moved my leg again and peered at the chair. I moved back, and peered again.

And there, peering almost as cautiously back at me, was the nasty little bug. It was between the back of the chair and the side of the back, in the darkness. And it apparently had considered my leg an invader.

It is now, of course, dead and gone.

It was an earwig. So out of curiosity, I looked them up. Turns out, that's what's probably eating our garden, so I'm going to set out traps for them in the morning. This one probably came in on something we brought in, or our shoes or something, and then took up residence in the darkest little spot it could find.

I just have to remember to look before I sit, apparently. And get rid of the nasty things in my garden!

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