July 26, 2002
Morning Has Broken

I was awoken this morning by a kiss on the nose.

I was lying on my bed, half hanging off the side (facing the side I don't usually, actually), and my daughter leaned in to kiss my nose as I slept.

I wasn't thrilled to be awake, but she had a point -- it was time. Ryan snoozed on as I showered and Dani dressed, and then I put her lunch together. I didn't awaken him until it was time to tuck him into the car in order to take Dani to school.

I think if Kevin had been able to drop off Dani this morning, Ryan and I would've slept in. A *LOT*.

His fever appears to have broken. It may yet return as the day goes on, I suppose, and I won't forget to pack his various medications to go to my parents' this weekend. But for the moment, he is cool, and not so moody. This is good. I'm actually hoping to catch a bit of a snooze myself this afternoon (he's napping now) if at all humanly possible. I'm still exhausted, and we have driving to do after Kev and Dani get home.

But first, laundry. I'm trying desperately to get through a few loads of laundry (including dry time) so we can pack more easily. And so I'm not completely screwed on Sunday when we get back. And then, after lunch, a trip out to the grocery store to get the things we most desperately need, like formula, and diapers. *groans* How the hell am I ever supposed to save money when I spend more than I have monthly just on groceries and gas???

I have a few blessed moments while he naps. I've now done dishes and got a load of laundry in. I'll fold some more laundry shortly. And begin the packing. I want to get as much done as possible before Kevin and Dani are home so all we have to do is pack his car and hit the road. *fingers crossed* I'd like to get in at a reasonable hour tonight. We're all just too tired to make it a late night, I think. Besides, it may take time to get Ryan all settled this time.

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