July 26, 2002

Pain is my constant companion.

I have fibromyalgia. I'm not even sure I'm spelling it right. *sighs* But what that means is constant pain in varying amounts. Yesterday swelling started in my right shoulder and arm, and my fingers keep going out of control on my main hand. This makes typing interesting. My thumb is stiff. Sometimes the side of my hand burns.

And there is very little I can do to combat it. I have a diet of advil, and lots of water because the heat isn't helping. But the more I do -- the more I lift my children, do housework, etc -- the worse it gets.

And sleep is a factor, too. If I don't sleep, I don't heal. They've determined that one of the best ways to fight fibro is to sleep regularly, using a sleep aid to ensure that the proper amount of deep sleep is gotten. I can't do that -- not with two children and a job that requires me to have a pager and too much hell on the servers lately. *groans*

It'll get better when the sleep starts happening again. And when the stress goes down. But for now, if you see a typo -- blame my stiff thumb. *smiles*

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