July 26, 2002
Friday Group Therapy 1.5

1. How well did you do in History class in school?
I got low A, high B. Mostly because I am too stubborn to do worse if I can avoid it. But did I like it? No, not really. I enjoy learning and am interested in history, but I can't memorize. Nope, I am REALLY terrible at rote memorization. Languages and music, where the memorization has meaning to me -- that works. But flat dates and facts do not. I need associations for it to stick.

On the other hand, reading a fictional work based around history works really well for me.

2. Who is your favorite historical "good" person?
*Frowns* *Looks around as if the answer lies somewhere in this room*

Um, I don't know... I told you things don't stick very well in my head. *grins*

3. Who is your favorite historical "bad" person?
Oddly enough, I don't focus on specific people in history. I focus on the events and the effects they had on the recipients. I think this is my problem answering these questions.

4. Is there a historical event or era that has caught your imagination?
When I was a kid I somehow focussed in on World War II and the holocaust. It terrified me. It fascinated me that humanity could go so wrong. Come to think of it, the Salem Witch Trials for much the same reason (although that is *also* because George Burroughs is my ancestor). I've read a lot and studied a lot on WWII although that has waned now that I am an adult and don't have the time.

5. If you could choose any historical time and place to live, where and when would you choose?
As much as I am fascinated by the middle ages, the rennaissance, etc., I want to live NOW. I happen to like my modern conveniences. *grins*

6. If you could go back in time with your present knowledge intact, where would you go and what would you do?
I wouldn't. Yeah, that sounds odd. But if I went back and changed something, then NOW wouldn't be NOW. And I don't think I could make that decision because in my innocent attempt to make it all better, I could make it horribly worse.

7. Which version of the beginning of time do you subscribe to? (Big Bang, Biblical Creation, etc...)
Yes. *smiles* Basically, I am a scientist. I believe that evolution happened. However, there are periods of evolution we can't account for yet, and there are mutations that are extremely lucky that it happened, so I don't discount a diety's involvement, either. Hence, "yes".

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