July 27, 2002

Thursday I lost my voice. They found it amusing at work, and Ethan pointed out that I'd been losing it for days before it finally went. And when it did, it really went. All the way to deep, throaty, and sexy, like I should be working a 900 number and making good money.

On Friday, it returned. Surprised me, actually, considering how bad I was on Thursday. But handy since I had to spend time singing to Ryan to try to get him to calm down and sleep.

Today it is gone again. It kept Michael in stitches during WEF, as Adrienne was trying to state something emphatically and my voice was cracking like that of a 12 year old boy! eek! But now my throat aches horribly, and this time I think I'm stuck with it for a day or two. We'll see. I just popped advil in the hopes that the sore throat might go away, or at least back off. But the throat damn well hurts, and I can't exist without talking. *sighs*

Posted by Deb Atwood at July 27, 2002 11:18 PM | TrackBack

Um Deb...your normal phone voice is phone sex worthy. Even my coworkers have mentioned it in the past (I think. I may have been dreaming on that. Is that disturbing that I'm dreaming about your phone sex voice? Food for thought.).

Posted by: liz on July 29, 2002 11:32 AM

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