July 30, 2002
Random Ramblings

I've been kind of running through my online comics tonight... catching up slowly. I haven't read them in something like 3 or 4 weeks, what with all the mess in my life. So I figured tonight I'd finally catch up on those, and maybe tomorrow night I'll catch up on my blogs and finally update my sidebar. Which'd be cool.

So tonight I'm kind of being random. Being bad, and not doing email, although maybe I'll try to get to that part now. I think I'm sulking because I don't have my laptop. It arrived at the depot today, but they were working on it and hadn't finished yet. *heavy sighs* I'm borrowing Kevin's tomorrow so I can at least take it to a meeting and have something to type up our brainstorming on! I'll have to email it to get it off of it, since his machine won't really go on our network (not and login to the domain!). But it'll be better than nothing.

I'm currently listening to "The World According to Adrienne". I made the soundtrack for Adrienne finally, just before the game ended. I like all the music on it, and well, it definitely evokes Adrienne in my mind.

Then there's A Twisted Weave. I got so caught up in just vegetating that I almost forgot to do tonight's piece. I've been trying to regain the quality I started the serial with, now that I'm in Chapter 3. The second chapter was just way too short... I didn't spend the time I really needed to on each daily episode, and its starting to turn into talking heads. My usual bad habit of good characters having realistic conversations against a background that could be a plain white sheet for all the readers know.

So I'm trying to fix that. This one didn't do so great a job at it, but I remembered some more of the background details. A little more each time, I think. This is my writing exercise, to try and remember how to write, and to do a little each night. If I ever want to write, I need to just find the time to DO it.

Even if it does mean I'm doing it at midnight. Which is the way it seems like it'll be.

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