July 31, 2002
My Garden, My Zen

My garden is my zen. Every evening I have to water my garden, since it isn't exactly raining well this summer. We have a new soaker hose which works wonders for the main garden. Rather than trying to aim a sprinkler at the garden and wondering where the drops of water will fall, we wound the new hose around the base of all the plants, and when it comes on water soaks into the ground.

But we have many plants in pots as well that those have to be watered separately. It takes me several trips, filling the watering pot and then tipping it and watching the water fill up the top of the pot.

I look at each plant as I pass by them. Surveying the tomatoes -- the ones that are prospering and the ones that are still small but alive, and I wonder if they will ever suddenly take off and start growing. Looking at all the different varieties and the flowers. Some of the flowers have spawned tomatoes, and I keep wondering which ones are which, trying to sort out the intertwined branches and figure out which ones belong to which plants.

There is something about standing there, looking through the plants, searching for ripening vegetables. Even weeding is calm and relaxing. My garden is my peace. My zen.

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