August 01, 2002
Oh, Look! People!

Okay, that's cool... in the past two days I have received comments (one in the diet and one in A Twisted Weave) from people I don't know who are reading parts of the site. Whee!!

Yes, I think this is really neat. Spread the word!

I think I've actually determined that the various blogs on this site have two functions. There are the parts that I do for myself. Random ramblings, chatter, discussions, whatever. Then there are the parts I do specifically because I *want* to share them. Because I hope other people will gain some enjoyment or use out of them. Like writing ATW, or the recipes in the diet, or the gaming stuff. I have no illusions about my characters -- those are for me and my GMs. But sometimes I hope that I'll post something that'll give someone an idea.

Of course, the site has always been useful for showing people just how strange and twisted I can be before they decide if they want to game with me. I've made it a requirement to read my website before beginning. Not that anyone *does* but if they do, I think they get a head start on the whole understanding my creative process thing.

It also gives them a chance to squick on their own and then beg out if they think I'm just too weird to deal with. It happens.

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