August 05, 2002

I've realized that I really wish I had a blog when Dani was a baby. This is the best I've been at maintaining any sort of a journal since I was a teenager (now there would be a trip -- posting excerpts from my high school journals! *laugh*). So with Ryan as an infant, I'm catching a lot of his firsts.

Yesterday he stood up with the push toy (not a new thing) and then happily walked across the room pushing it. He was so bewildered when he bumped into something and couldn't keep going. But if I reset it, he'd do it again and again. He really likes walking, and he thinks he's really ready to do it. Which is terrifying in some ways -- he's only 8 months old.

And then today we had another first. His first trip to the emergency room. *sighs* I got a call around 5pm, as we were heading to pick him up. He had pulled himself up on the kitchen set and then he let go to stand on his own, and when he went to sit he pitched forward and clocked his head on the wooden shelf. Sliced his eyebrow open. It didn't really bother him much, as long as no one was trying to touch it. But it was still bleeding.

It had finally stopped, and when Kevin got home we both managed to take a really good look at it. Its about a half inch long, and a millimeter wide, so its basically not closed. We called the on-call doctor and she recommended that we do get it looked at for stitches. So Kevin's taken him down to Samaritan Hospital to the urgent care facility to see if it needs to get stitches.

I guess this is what its like to have a boy, huh? I think its going to be a long night. He's going to be in an awful mood when he gets home. Dani was so worried about him when Kevin took him -- she is concerned because she knows stitches will hurt Ry. Poor little guy, and poor little girl being worried about her brother.

UPDATED 11:15pm -- I just talked to Kevin, and the Doctor was coming in to do a couple of stitches. They should be home in an hour or so, assuming Ryan isn't too much trouble with getting the stitches. The poor little guy's exhausted. He was having a bottle while I talked to Kev. So I guess the little guy has stitches in his eyebrow, and he'll definitely have a small scar there. He's starting in early with the battlescars!

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