August 07, 2002
Memory Like a Sieve

If only I could remember half the things I think about blogging about this would have SO many more updates. The problem is, they all happen at times when I cannot get to the computer to type. So I file them away and the thoughts slip out the holes of the sieve that is my brain.

There are little things, like Ryan periodically spitting out sounds that are something other than a screech, then resolutely refusing to do anything but smile when prodded to do so again.

Or the sky as I drove home -- perfect clouds in a perfect blue sky. And the temperature today was wonderful. It was cool without being cold; a great day for walking.

Or for that matter, the night sky. I walked outside to turn off the water for the garden, and when I looked up I could see all the stars. There were clouds on the horizon, but straight up it was wonderfully clear and all the constellations seemed to leap out at me. I spotted Orion easily. Or at least, I think it was Orion. I'm not very good at constellation recognition. But I have a fondness for Orion, mostly because I had three freckles that reminded me of Orion's belt, right in a straight line on my arm.

Of course, then there's Draco. I should learn to recognize it, because somewhere inside of that constellation is a star that has been named Dragonsinger. Gene named it with the star registry for either a birthday or our anniversary one year. I told Anne McCaffrey when I saw her at a con. After all, I have the nickname because of her novels.

And yes, folks, for those who don't know, D. is short for D-Singer which is short for Dragonsinger. My last name is not Singer. *smiles*

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