August 08, 2002
Its a Spider!!

[This is from this morning, as Dani is playing with Ryan and I'm buzzing around getting ready to leave for work...]

Dani started screaming. "Mommy! Mommy!"

I was in the living room, pulling on my socks, and being frustrated because its so hard to get anything done when Dani is being clingy. Finally I yelled back, "What?!"

"Mommy! There's a dead spider on Ryan!"

I was confused, and surprised. A dead spider on Ryan? I'd just set him down, in clean clothes, in a clean stroller. Where did the spider come from. "Where?" I yelled back.

There was a pause, and I figured she was looking at him again, and then she yelled, "On his head! Where the bandaid was where he got his stitches!"

When I finally managed to stop laughing, I choked out, "Dear, those *are* the stitches!"

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