August 09, 2002
Friday Group Therapy 1.7

1. Do you know the circumstances surrounding your conception or birth?
I know I was born a week or so early. And I know I was early in the marriage (as in, they were married Dec 1967, and I was born in May of 1968). *smiles* I believe I was born on a Monday morning. While Mom and I talked about the birth when I was pregnant with Dani and getting close to giving birth myself, she's never talked about my conception. *grins*

On the other hand, I suspect my children will get to hear about their conceptions. I'm just happy there's a story for both of them, so one doesn't have to feel left out.

2. Overall, were your school years good or bad (Pre College)?
Eh. I was a brain, and a geek, and I had my friends that I was close to and the girls who wanted to (and in some cases did) beat me up. There was a lot of unpleasantness. On the other hand, when I got into junior high and met Julie, who was my best friend for many many years, and then in high school when we fell into a whole group of people with like interests... those years formed a lot of who I would become, with respect to writing and gaming and just being me. Despite the heartache and headaches, I wouldn't give it up.

3. If you went to college, what was college like for you? If you have not started college, what do you think it will be like? If you never went to college, why not?
College was good. Grad school was good. I liked college (Union College) better for the actual academic environment. Smaller classes, lots of hands on, accessible professors for the most part. But RPI (grad school) had so much of a better social environment for me, so all in all, despite troubles with the school, I was happier there. Which would explain why I live only ten minutes from it now.

4. What kind of career are you in/do you plan on going into? Why did you choose it and are you happy with your choice?
That's a really loaded question and I think we'll just set that "happiness" question aside for now. *smiles* Although I think "frustrated" is really the best term.

I didn't so much as choose a career as it chose me and I clung to it. I discovered computers as the fun part of my major my freshman year in college. In fact, I only majored in it so I could weasel my way into a closed class. I was really majoring in biology, and intending to do genetic research. But by my senior year I figured out that well, I not only enjoyed computers, I was GOOD at them. So I went to grad school, then left that because I was well, hungry. Wandered through some temp jobs, then got a job doing training and help desk. Got laid off, did some more temp, and got hired at FAC as a programmer. I've done just about everything at FAC at some point, it seems. I grabbed onto Lotus Notes in the beginning because I loved it and it was interesting and I could *do* it. I've done admin and development, help desk and training. And now I'm a manager. 8 years in one job, and no two years the same!

5. How many children do you plan on having, if any? What influenced this decision?
Two kids. We're done now. We wanted two because we're both only children and we didn't want an only child. But we almost didn't continue after Danielle because I loathe being pregnant. I'm glad we had Ryan. I wouldn't give up either child for the world. But its time now for Kev to get his stuff done so we don't have to worry about the risk. *firm look* Not doing that again!

6. How old do you want to get? How old can you see yourself getting?
7. What is the ideal and worst ways that you can imagine dying?
I'm not going to deal with these questions... I have one fear, and that's death... and these give me the cold shakes. So I think I'll just be done here and say y'know, if I could will it, I wouldn't die. Simple as that.

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