August 10, 2002
The Great Escape

Just got back and settled in after a day at The Great Escape. For those not from this part of the country, that would be the theme park in Lake George which is *owned* by Six Flags but is not listed as Six Flags: Great Escape. Some day it will be, I'm sure, much like Riverside became Six Flags: New England. But for now, its still our local Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom.

I never realized just how old the park was. It opened as Storytown in 1954, the year before Disney opened. There are a lot of the original attractions still running -- the tiny houses, the statues to climb on, a train ride for the kids. And the land its on is nice. There are also a lot of really new attractions, like the Sky Coaster which is for insane people only who want to be dragged up to a 100+ tall pole while dangling from a wire and then dropped to go careening through the air, swinging back and forth. Yes, people do this. We watched them several times, and after a while, my heart stopped jumping every time I saw them drop, half expecting them to either crash into a building, other people, or back into the pole they came from. Insane, I tell you, insane. And the best part is -- they PAY for this privilege -- an extra fee (and not a small one, either) on top of the regular theme park admission. Wow.

Great Escape also has one of the top ten wooden rollercoasters in the world, at least according to TLC. And that -- The Comet -- was our first stop of the day upon arriving. We headed directly back to that so Kevin could get his coaster ride in. Its his absolute favorite coaster. After that we tried to take him to the Bobsled ride next, but it was closed.

Then came the long fight of attempting to get Danielle onto a ride. She's even more of a wuss than I am! The real problem was that we didn't bring a friend for her. If she'd been with a friend she'd probably never have gotten OFF the rides. But the Jumbo ride (flying elephants) was too big for her (we finally got her on, first with Kevin, then with me) and the flying Dragons ride, which was just the same but smaller she would've gone on but no one could go with her (no one over 54 inches tall allowed, and yes, I am a whole 60 inches tall). She even argued about the swan ride (which Ryan loved up until the point where he broke because of lack of nappage).

We had lunch at the pavilion, but before that we bought a funnel cake and a small ice cream for Dani. This small ice cream was more than enough for all four of us! I shoveled some of it out of the dish into the cone for the peanut, then nibbled on some myself. Even Kevin ate some, while I was feeding some to Ryan. His expression on the first two bites was priceless, a funny face of confusion over the coldness of the treat. Then he realized it was chocolate and his mouth opened right up for more and he really enjoyed it. The boy does love chocolate.

We stopped off at a game of chance -- toss the ball to get points to move the horse and win the race -- and I won a puppy with a heart for Danielle. She loves it and is sleeping with it. Kevin tried to throw the baseballs later for a cat but we didn't make it. I had it much easier with the race horse, I think!

We bought Dani a Powerpuff Girls balloon. She wanted Blossom, but they were out then, so we got Bubbles. The thing is HUGE! The cool thing was they put this weight on the end of it, so even if she let go of it, it wouldn't fly away. Gotta love people who are used to dealing with kids and helium balloons!!

I had a hair wrap done. My little bit of being spoiled for the day. Ryan sat and watched me (and babbled "Mmmmeh MMmmmmeh" which is his first sound other than vowels) while I had it done. Three colors -- black (of course), dark purple, and maroon. I like it. We'll just have to see how long it lasts as I wash my hair. I wonder if it'll surprise anyone at work. *GRINS*

We did an awful lot of walking today. It helped walk out some of the kinks in my legs from the step exercises the other day, but every time I sat down again, my right calf locked up. I mean, its so locked up you can see the muscle definition. Yowch!

And now... well, now I'm exhausted. I should write ATW. I should do more work on my new game. I should write the game blog I came up with for the Voices about the best relationship I've ever played through in a game -- not successful nor unsuccessful, but one of the best playing experiences I've had.

But y'know what, ATW is going to miss an episode and the rest will stay unwritten because *I* am too tired and am going to go pass out.

Posted by Deb Atwood at August 10, 2002 10:47 PM | TrackBack

Riverside changed its name? Damn, what a shame. While not a terrific park, it had its charms.

I'm a wuss when it comes to rides that drop or spin . . . yet Rollercoaster Tycoon is one of me all-time favorite computer games. Go figure.

Posted by: Scott on August 11, 2002 12:20 PM

I was surprised when Riverside became Six Flags: New England. I hadn't really realized that Six Flags had bought it, or pumped money into it. However, they've been doing a lot of improvements to it -- adding a lot of thrill rides. I'd like to go because I know Kevin would enjoy some of the new coasters.

I'm not a coaster person myself, either -- Kevin got me on one once and no way am I doing it again.

Posted by: D. on August 11, 2002 11:31 PM

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I think the great escape is a kick ass park. I know it is growing, but it has gown since its incarniation first as THE STORY TOWN USA and has gron to the great escape and splash water kingdom.

Posted by: kevin stevens on December 22, 2004 01:42 PM

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