August 11, 2002

Yes, I can now finally blog about it! Today was Liz's surprise party, and I've been going nuts trying to read and reread everything I've written in my blog lately to make sure I didn't leave any hints. Even last night when I was blogging about the Great Escape I had to catch myself before I said something about getting to bed cuz we had a lot to do in the morning so we could be at Josh & Liz's place by noon. So now, *phew*! *smiles*

I will be posting more about the party and about seeing everyone and everything (and there were digital photos taken of which I will post some in a while) tomorrow. But for now, there is much tiredness and I think I am instead going to be going to bed for some sleep. I slept well last night after all the walking around in the heat at the park, and today was a long day too (although without all the walking) so I think I'm going to try and get good sleep. After all, its gonna be a long week at work, as usual. *sighs*

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