August 21, 2002

Its been a frustrating few days. Some of it is well, work, so that means my lips are zipped, as always. Although I can mention the move, and the HUGE cleaning effort we are putting forth before the entire floor reorganizes. So today I managed to do three boring things. I cleaned out files, throwing things out or redistributing them to other people. I worked on the project to decommission dead Notes databases. And I worked on updating and prioritizing App Dev's project list.

Needless to say, by the end of it, my head was spinning. I was glad to get out of work today.

After work I headed over to the Y and did a 30 minute bike ride. Went 7 miles in that half hour, and burned 133 calories. I also did a weigh in, and was down a pound and a half, which is great. I'm trying to work hard on this, and I keep slipping on the eating part. I know its psychological. I know its comfort food and its bullshit. But the thing is, it does work. And I desperately need that comfort these days.

But I'm trying to obsess in different directions in order to make myself somewhat healthier. Somehow.

The problem is, I'm paying for it tonight. It did something to my back somehow, and I've been in some intense pain. It backed off when I took Advil, and I'm hoping that sleep will help heal it further. Otherwise I might not be able to do the step class tomorrow night.

I've been working on recipes this evening. I finally bought EasyRecipe Deluxe, which is a nice recipe program. The thing I like about it is the nutritional calculations. Since it accounts for fiber, as well as calories and fat, I can easily convert to Weight Watchers Points. Its a huge help for me. There are features I wish it had, but I think I can pull that together on my own. Slowly, but surely, I am becoming more organized.

But then, I've been realizing that the more we do, and the older the kids get, the harder it is to simply get dinner on the table. Kevin has to be to work early, and I'm either working late and going to the gym, or getting out on time and going to the gym, or getting out on time and taking Dani to gymnastics. Either way, our schedules are different. And I don't think they're going to jive any time soon, either. So I'm trying to get better about cooking things ahead of time and doing some major planning. Making lunches the night before. Stuff like that. Its been helping this week. I just have to keep it going long enough to make it a real habit.

On other news, Dani finished her current gymnastics class. So in a few weeks, when we start up again, she'll be going on Monday nights instead of Tuesdays. Since golf league will be over, that means Kevin won't be out on Mondays, which will help. And since we're already used to being out that night, Audrey and I are going to take two nights at the gym instead of the one. So more gym time. Yay!

Ryan keeps trying to stand, chattering in his nonsense words (although he now really cries mama sometimes... *happy little smiles*). No more stitches, thank god! He eats with his hands now, messily and happily, and is really having a great time of it. Lots more cleanup for us, though.

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